Top 10 Posts for 2017

These “Top 10” posts of the year are what you, the readers have selected as the most helpful to you. In case you missed any, we’ve gathered them in one easily accessed list for you.

Thank you for reading my blog. My commitment and calling remains high to do all I can to help you develop as a leader and advance the mission of your church.

My prayer is that you and your church will flourish and reach many more for Jesus!

I hope you will continue to find these writings helpful, and will share them generously with your friends and colleagues.

I pray God’s best for you in 2018!

The Top 7 Reasons Guests Return To Your Church

What are the most common reasons people return to your church? In today’s reality, new people connect more slowly than in the past and disconnect more quickly than we’ve previously experienced.

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Churches Aren’t Christian Cruise Ships

If you’re like me, you want to meet every need you can. Can you say “no” to someone even if it potentially results in them leaving your church? There are times you need to say no to some requests, preferences, and demands.

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5 Signs of an Insecure Leader

Nobody wants to follow an insecure leader, yet all leaders have some insecurity. Great leaders know how to identify their insecurities and quickly overcome them.

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8 Key First Impressions At Your Church

No church is perfect, but we can’t afford to mess up on the first impression. The first ten seconds matter, and in the first ten minutes decisions are being made.

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The 3-Point Process for Leadership Development

Leadership development never takes place in a vacuum, and always starts with a leader. A leadership culture is an environment where leadership development thrives best. Here’s a simple plan for leadership development that just works every time.

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6 Best and Worst Phrases To Engage Your Guests

Your guests hear your words and see your smile, but they feel your heart. Guest engagement will always beat out guest attraction over the long term.

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One Thing That Separates Good Leaders From Great Leaders

Kevin MyersWe can all get up and hit a home run once. But very few can do it consistently, meaning literally every time they get up to the plate.

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Building A Great Usher Team

Usher MinistryYour ushers can make or break your worship service. They set the tone for worship and help prepare people to hear and respond to the Word of God.

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8 Good Questions to Evaluate Your Church

It’s easy to get so busy doing ministry that you don’t take the time to evaluate your ministry. Improving your church starts with asking questions. Do you know which ones are the right ones?

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#1 Overlooked Quality of a Leader

Good leaders are tough minded. They’re able to take the heat. People don’t respect leaders who are considered soft, weak, or indecisive. But there is another side of leadership. It brings heart into play. It balances out the tough side.

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  1. Thank you for the time you invest in these articles, Dan! I learned a lot from you this year! Many of us at our church plant read your blog with great interest! I learn from you continually and am grateful for your friendship and mentoring!

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