One Essential Thing Leaders Need to Lead Well During COVID-19

These are challenging times. As a leader, you’re no stranger to pressure. But in a world of COVID-19, your life might feel more and more like a pressure cooker. If the pressure in your life is building, this one essential practice can help ensure that you continue to lead others well during this difficult session.

16 thoughts on “One Essential Thing Leaders Need to Lead Well During COVID-19”

  1. Dan, love the video! You gotta do more of these and thankful for the very practical advice during the season we are in.

    1. Hey Tom,

      Glad you loved the video!

      As for more, well, I’ve committed to 6 more… we’ll see how they go. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Dan – I read your weekly e-mails and save the ones that are especially helpful in a leadership folder on my computer – I pull those out to get ideas for leading staff meetings.

  3. Greg Thurstonson

    Dan, I’ve enjoyed reading your stuff for years and have gleaned a lot from your leadership. Really enjoyed your video talk and hope you do more of them. You have a warm, sincere and down to earth delivery that makes it enjoyable to watch.

  4. Very encouraging Greg, thank you.

    So glad you find value in the content over the years. I hope to keep leading, coaching and writing for many years to come.

  5. Dan,
    This is a very helpful talk on pressure relief valves. Really appreciate you and so glad to have had a chance to see you a few months ago.Thank you for your investment in ministry!

    1. Hey Marty!

      Glad this was helpful!! It was great to have some time together and hope we can again!



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