Becoming a Confident Leader in Turbulent Times: Soul

The moment you step up to lead, you immediately discover your level of confidence.

Why? Skill and experience alone will eventually let you down.

Sustained confidence starts with having the right stuff on the inside. Tap into the 5 core qualities at a soul level that deepen your confidence and increase your effectiveness:

7 thoughts on “Becoming a Confident Leader in Turbulent Times: Soul”

  1. Thank You Dan,
    of the five points, Security triggered the most thoughts about confidence. Over the years I have witnessed changes in the persona of people as they achieved a level of security. I will buy our book so I can garner more thoughts about what you help us learn so well and so much. Thanks for your generosity.

  2. Jason Lieberg

    “Humility isn’t about thinking poor or yourself, it’s about thinking honestly about yourself”.
    Love that!

  3. Nadine Burton

    Hey Dan:

    I have been following your blog for a while now. I am wondering if you do individual coaching sessions. Great stuff. I would be interested in hearing more.

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