Becoming a Confident Leader in Turbulent Times: Resiliency

The art of leadership can be the adventure of a lifetime, but can also wear down even the best and brightest of leaders over time. What makes the difference between a leader who seems to bounce back from a set-back and one who pulls back from a set-back?

There are a number of factors, but here’s one thing that makes a big difference.

12 thoughts on “Becoming a Confident Leader in Turbulent Times: Resiliency”

  1. I lead a network of pastors in Edmonton, Alberta, 31 churches representing a variety of ethnic groups. We Zoom-meet for encouragement and prayer 3x a week during this quarantine. We’ll watch your video and discuss it tomorrow, they’ll love it. Much thanks, Dan. And much, much thanks for your weekly feed of articles. I shake my head at your wisdom, your clarity (you’ve thought yourself clear) and breadth of knowledge. My great compliment: you’re helping the body of Christ and leaders like me in ways you’ll never know – well, till eternity. CS Lewis says we’ll walk into eternity and exclaim, “Of course!” I’m giving you a heads-up teaser… Thx, Dan.

    1. Dan I thoroughly enjoyed this video teaching. Think BIGGER or pull back. Wow. I needed this reminder that the size of my thinking is directly proportional to the size of my leadership.

      1. Hey Mark,

        I’m so glad that you found this video teaching of value and helpful to you!!

        Keep thinking big! We all need to do that!

    2. Paul,

      Thank you for your very kind and encouraging words. I think it’s really cool that you are leading a network of pastors in Edmonton! That is needed now more than ever! Keep investing!

      Blessings Paul!

    1. Konrad Ziesing

      Thanks for your encouragement. After many years serving as an executive pastor in a rapidly growing multi-campus church, I’m now pastoring in a small, rural church in a part-time capacity. Leading has challenges at every level and it is often lonely, especially now during all that is going on. It’s easy to feel isolated and having a personal and caring voice speak into my life at this time is such a blessing. Thank you! One of my favorite quotes regarding confidence comes from the book “Deep Change” by Robert Quinn. He writes, “Our capacity to face uncertainty and function in times of stress and anxiety is linked with our self-confidence, and our level of confidence is linked with our sense of increasing integrity.” I have found this to be so true, especially when seen through a Christian worldview. Blessings!

      1. Konrad,

        Wow, that is a fantastic quote by Robert Quinn. I have that book, but don’t recall that quote. I’ll have to go find it, but thank you for passing it along.

        Your story of transition from a multi-campus church to a small rural church sounds intriguing… and part time. If you are interested in connecting, message me, and perhaps we can connect.


  2. Thanks for the great perspective Dan. I’ve been about 1° away from you for a very long time and I’ve been blessed through others that you have helped. This video about expanding are thinking describes how much of mine has been expanded over the years. In fact perhaps the biggest challenge for me in this virus is the inability to spend time with those kind of people who think bigger and have a broader view than I do. Thanks for the great reminder!

    1. Hi Chip!

      Yes, our “flight paths” have flown so closely for a very long time. I feel like we’ve met, and we should. You are right, this COVID season is very confining… perhaps on the “other side” of this virus we can connect. I’d love to get to know you and expand my thinking by time with you!


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