Becoming a Confident Leader in Turbulent Times: Mentor

I’ve been noticing something that might be taking a backseat during these COVID-19 days and it really shouldn’t: mentoring leaders.

This is the time they need your investment more than any other. They have more questions and concerns about all the uncertainties than ever before, and that can hurt their leadership confidence.

8 thoughts on “Becoming a Confident Leader in Turbulent Times: Mentor”

  1. Hello, Dan!
    This was a great reminder of a few basic, but key truths. Very timely, indeed.

    I recently was invited to become volunteer staff at one of our 3 campuses. My position as “Sandy Campus Community Life Director” began 3/9/20. Days later, the Oregon Governor issued orders that caused us to discontinue meeting at these campuses. New hire… now what?!!?

    My main responsibility is to assist the Campus Pastor to get new visitors connected, and to build relational connections within the campus. The invasiveness of Covid19 has made that difficult (as if it’s not already a difficult task). Of course, now, more than ever, facilitating a sense of community and building relationships is vital.

    I too, have been handed-off from one mentor to another throughout my Christian life. As a matter of fact, I was in your Skyline Adult S/S class during the early ’90’s and experienced “Excellent Christianity” (sounds like a great book title, 🙂 in a variety of ways. Pastor Maxwell, Small Groups (Bob & Jan Hughes led and cared for my family in such a caring way, when I would go to sea), the “Assimilation” process, and Pastors prayer team, etc.). Thank God for such an amazing life!

    It’s good to be reminded to keep it simple, and focus on the main thing… making disciples of Jesus who are growing together as the Church. Thank you!

    Stay safe, and remember how many love you!

    1. Hi John,

      How wonderful to hear from you! I have such fond memories of Joint Venture, and Bob and Jan are such a great couple! And of course John and Margaret are amazing as always, I’m blessed to have him as a life long friend and mentor!

      Simple is good!!! It will serve you well as you develop leaders.

      Thank you for writing, and speaking of writing, “Excellent Christianity” sounds like something you might tackle! 🙂


  2. Eddie Anderson

    Enjoyed the video Dan! I’m that guy you talked about at the end, who wants to do for others what no one did for them. You captured my heart in that comment. Thanks for that encouragement.

    1. Eddie,

      That story is true for so many leaders. That’s why I’m so passionate to do whatever I can to encourage you!

      I hope you go for this simple plan, or something like it. It’s the best experience ever!


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    In this world we are not comfortable to serve our almighty God as God want us to serve him. Because our temptation is a lot. But God the owner of our vision is always great to encorage us. We have to lift up our eyes to him. We have also pray hard for each other and for all Christian Churches.

  4. James D. Fehr

    Thanks, Dan, for your gift of encouragement to us today. I have been using this “crisis” as fuel to reboot how I will be deliberate to invest in others. I am also watching and listening for what next lessons are awaiting on my own growth curve, and I’m finding them, and I’m asking people I’ve never leaned on to teach me. There’s still so much I don’t know, but I won’t sit still!

    1. James,

      That’s a great disposition! Don’t “sit still!” Be as deliberate as possible to invest in others. Leadership development is a bit like prayer, it’s really hard to do it wrong.



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