4 Reasons The Potential Of The Church Is Stronger Than Ever

Attendance is one of the most talked about subjects in the church today.

What do changing attendance patterns mean? Where is the church headed? What’s the best Kingdom strategy?

Is the church in trouble? No. Not if we are willing to continue to change. In fact, I genuinely believe our best days are ahead.

However, the changes we make should not be reactionary. Defense alone never wins the game. We must take risks to stay on the offense to take new territory.

We may become less concerned with the size of the church and become more focused on the strength of the church.

That idea has been stirring for a long time. Strength leads to growth. A refocus on church strength rather than attendance only would change how we lead and what we do.

Don’t get me wrong; we will always care about attendance because it matters. And church leaders are beginning to measure outcomes differently. Measuring different outcomes leads us to emphasize different ministries in different ways.

The reason I will always care about attendance is that I want to reach more people with the good news of Christ in a way that changes their life! My hunch is that you feel the same way.

We need small, mid-sized, large and huge churches.

One method doesn’t work if our goal is to reach all peoples.

Reach and impact are more important than size, but we can never let that become an excuse for lack of zeal or drifting into a comfort zone. Life change has always been the true measure.

The Church is changing, but its potential is greater than ever.

How we think and lead will impact our outcomes.

4 reasons the church has great potential:

1) It’s never been about the organization.

It’s always been about the body of Christ, not an organization. However, the Church as we know it was God’s idea. God allowed the supernatural realm to invade the natural realm. He knew that was necessary to reach people where they are.

God allowed us to “organize” so we could worship Him, care for one another, and reach others who don’t believe.

The church as an organization is flawed. We can neither escape or excuse that. We are to embrace it and make it better. The churches in Ephesus, Corinth, Galatia, Thessalonica – and so many more, were all flawed. That didn’t stop the early church.

We get to get up every morning and lead change in order for the church to become more effective.

How is your church changing and improving because of your leadership?

2) Digital is here to stay, but it will never replace soul-level relationship.

We are learning. Churches are getting better at digital-first connections. We’re catching up. Couples have found each other and become married starting with a digital connection for nearly twenty years. Technology also helps us stay connected.

Digital is the new relationship – a new kind of relational. But at some point, in relationships, human beings are designed to make contact.

Technology may help us get connected and stay connected, but there is a space in relationship where human beings need a soul connection. The local church is really good at that.

Technology has its limitations too. Who knew that software development and equipment could cost as much as the buildings we worship in? Millions! There will be a day when we need a better answer even within our better answers.

The good news is that you can still get a cup of coffee for a buck and there is something deeply meaningful about face to face conversation.

The church does that well.

3) Current culture needs real answers more than ever.

There is no need for detailed social commentary here. It’s obvious. We’ve lost our way. That’s not remotely a political rendering; it’s just reality. We’ve lost a shared connection, a unifying cause, and a true north.

Every person for himself never works. People are hurting, some quietly and some overtly, and the overall needs are great. We need each other now more than ever.

The opportunities for practical partnership are abundant. Your church can partner with schools, food co-ops, medical clinics, recovery agencies, shelters for the homeless, businesses and the list goes on.

No one church can or needs to partner with all of them; you can choose a few or just one. Your attendance might not immediately increase, but your impact will, which will strengthen your church and in time cause growth.

And as always, the most significant and potentially eternal impact is one to one.

The Church is the greatest force on earth to positively impact current culture. In what ways are you taking advantage of your opportunities to impact your community?

4) There is great momentum in the church today.

When we look at the Christian Church worldwide, there is great momentum. We know this in part because there is resistance. Wherever there is progress, there will always be resistance.

That’s a great question for your church. Where is your resistance? Is it about taking new Kingdom territory or conflicts inside?

People turn to the church when they are hurting, and they can’t find answers anywhere else.

It’s up to us to not only be ready, relevant and available to help meet needs but also to step outside our churches to find those who need the love of God.

Momentum requires leadership, but our expression of God’s love is the foundation of the church.

This is what we were designed for and releases our great potential.

2 thoughts on “4 Reasons The Potential Of The Church Is Stronger Than Ever”

  1. I was a little disturbed by the image used with this post. Two of the band members were using a gesture which is associated with radical Islam – single finger pointed heavenward. When ISIS was at its height, the Internet was full of images of ISIS fighters carrying automatic weapons and pointing one finger skyward – a visual affirmation of their strict monotheistic Islamic beliefs and a rejection of the Christian doctrine that God, while one Being, is three Persons. Perhaps I am being overly sensitive. But the images that we post with our articles can, if we are not careful in their selection, contradict the content of the article.

    I found the article itself encouraging and I am posting a link to it from my blog. I post a daily roundup of articles that might interest my readers.

    1. Hi Robin, glad you found the article encouraging, and that you are sharing it on your blog.
      As for the image I’m sorry you found it disturbing, but I can assure you that they are true Jesus followers. Blessings! Dan

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