2016’s Top 10 Posts

These “Top 10” posts of the year are what you the readers have selected as the most helpful to you. In case you missed any, we’ve gathered them in one easily accessed list for you.

Thank you for reading my blog. My commitment and calling remains high to do all I can to help you develop as a leader and develop other leaders.

My hope is that you and your church will flourish.

I hope you will continue to find these writings helpful, and will share them generously with your friends and colleagues.

I pray God’s best for you in 2017!

1) Early Warning Signs of an Unhealthy Staff Member

2015-09-14-roman-003Nothing hurts the progress of your church more than a staff member sliding into an unhealthy disposition. The greater the influence this person has, the greater the potential for negative impact.

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2) 7 Traits of the BEST Student Pastors

student-pastorsStudent pastors have tremendous influence over the next generation. They have an extraordinary opportunity to represent the moral compass that points the way to Jesus.

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3) 6 Things Your Boss Counts On

bossPretty much everyone has a boss. Can yours count you for important things? Here are 6 things that make you stand out as a “go to” team player.

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4) Spiritual Formation in the Megachurch

12Stone ChurchIt’s common for a megachurch to be accused of being shallow. However, many of the driving characteristics that allowed a church to become 2,000 or more include a discipline and depth that brings much integrity to their ministry.

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5) 4 Temptations that Leaders Face

guyIt’s troubling to see a gifted and talented leader give up a lifetime of ministry for a moment of temptation. We all face temptation, and saying no is not always easy. None of us as leaders will escape this challenge. But how you handle your temptation will determine, to a great degree, the effectiveness and longevity of your ministry.

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6) Why First Impressions Can Change Your Church

table-groupYour first time guests often decide if they will return within the first ten minutes. Some are more forgiving and will give you a second chance, but most won’t. The unchurched look for reasons not to return and even friendship can’t override a blown first impression.

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7) How Does a Young Leader Earn a Seat at the Table?

Board RoomAll young leaders want to rise in their leadership. That is natural. Is the young leader willing to pay the price to qualify? Most say yes, until they realize it can’t be done in a short amount of time.

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8) A Lean Ministry is a Smart Ministry

leanNo one local church can do every ministry. Fewer ministries allow you to refocus your energy for greater results.

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9) Correcting a Toxic Culture

brokenAt any church, culture can drift into unhealthy. If you pour energy into practical ministry without tending to unhealthy culture, all you will get in return is exhaustion.

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10) 6 Primary Life Patterns of a Mature Leader

Mature LeadersI’ve come to deeply appreciate mature leaders and my respect for them rises quickly. Staff members who are mature are worth their weight in gold.

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