A consulting engagement will help improve your bottom-line ministry outcomes, often including strategy sessions with the Lead Team and other key staff.

A fresh look from experienced eyes can help you break through to a new level of life changing ministry outcomes. Even the best and brightest of church teams can get stuck, alignment can seem illusive, and a tremendous amount of time and energy seem to produce less than the desired results. 

My approach to consulting is not to produce a thirty-page report, but to guide you to the next steps, the three to five significant yet practical and actionable items that help you get where you want to go. We first clarify the problem, agree on the desired results, and then design solutions to you get there. 

The consulting process can focus on one or more of a variety of challenges you and your team may face such as:

  • Vision clarity and alignment
  • Staffing strategies 
  • Lead team functionality 
  • Strengthening your staff culture
  • Ministry design and strategy
  • Leading change
  • Conflict resolution 

The time commitment depends on your needs and desires. Each consultation is tailored to the uniqueness of your church. 

Use the form below to inquire about getting personal consulting. Thank you for your kind interest!